Exotic is the only word that can describe me. I am one of the most erotic Miami escorts in this area. Not only am I exotic, but I have a very classic look that makes me a dream girl for many. My hair is long and flowing, plus it’s ala natural. I have never been a girl that enjoys adding more to my appearance. I love to wear minimal makeup and my grooming is very low maintenance. Have you ever thought the models that wake up in the morning that look stunning are the ultimate dream girl? That is great because, most of the time I don’t have to wear any makeup to be gorgeous.

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All of the South Beach escorts are stunning women, but I am a perfect 10. I have had a career in modeling for several years which means I can walk into a room and have heads turn in my direction. Do you enjoy fine dining or are you tired of going to corporate events alone? Now is the time to stop, because you have me I can make a basic black dress look amazing, and have you feel proud to have me on your arm.

My naughty side is a whole different story. Even though escorts Miami recommends are hot chicks with amazing skills, my skills are on a new level. I love to play and explore not only for normal fun, but I have a fascination with a spank here and there if you catch my drift. Role playing is also one of my favorite things to do, because pretending I am a naughty girl or a sexy teacher turns me on so much. I might even want to get really wild and have some fun with some toys!

South Beach is a great place to have fun and explore with an exotic woman like me. Escorts South Beach raves about us all being pretty girls, so you are never going to have a bad time. My profile is accurate and if you love to stare into deep dark eyes with lots of long flowing dark hair, I am going to be your girl. My hour glass figure won’t disappoint you and my ability to be well poised, but yet possess a very secretive inner naughty girl is going to be the total package you are looking for. You will have the time of your life with me.